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"Checkpoint Tunisia" 

"The journey of Geckos"

In Cairo, usually men ride scooters and women are seated in the back. But these young, modern Amazons are determined to change old habits and achieve equality. They take us for a ride, sharing their battle to make their dream come true. 


Writer and director: Nadia Fares

Producer: AfterAll Films and RTS, 

Arabic with English subtitles

Tunisia has no terrorist attacks since two years but European tourists stay away. Thousands of young Tunisians lose their jobs in the Hotellerie. The difficult economical situation endangers the young democratie

of Tunisia.


Writer and director: Nadia Fares

Producer: RTS/ Temps Présent

Arabic and French,26 min. 

"The journey of Geckos" portrays three young women who fight for equality and justice in an unusual and courageous way.  

Writer and director: Nadia Fares

Producers: ARTE France,

AfterAll Films & Framevox Switzerland. 

Arabic with English subtitles, 24 min.

Can you find a Hit man in one of the wealthiest cities in Switzerland? What are the financial demands? It all depends: punching, breaking bones or killing. Every choice has its price. 

Nadia went undercover as a client searching for the right hit man, armed with  a hidden camera.


Directed and written for RTS and TV5 Monde, French with English subtitles,

24 mins.


"The Recruited"

"Paris Burns"

In 2011 Majd N. disappeared from his college in a Swiss town. In 2012 the Anti-terror Unit in Nairobi, Kenya was notified by the C.I.A.  when Majd, in company of a German terrorist, crossed the boarder from Somalia into Kenya. Where was Majd during 15 months? What happened in the life of this outstanding brilliant college student? From Switzerland to Kenya the film recomposes the puzzle of this young man's journey.


Directed  for RTS and TV5Monde, French with English subtitles, 26mins.

When two Arabic teenagers fled the police, they got electrocuted and died in a power plant. The answer was an outbreak of violence in all the suburbs around Paris. Following a college janitor  in one of the burning suburbs, the film explores the gap between immigrants and French citizens. 

Directed and written for RTS and TV5Monde, French, 10mins.

"Paris, City of Love"

Paris is the city of love but  behind its glamorous image, we find poverty and misery hiding under bridges and in abandoned buildings. The film follows young immigrant children of Roma Gypsies from Romania and their battle to go to school in the "city of love".


Directed and written  for RTS and TV5Monde, French, 10mins.


Neo Nazis from all over Europe gather in a Disco called "Crazy Palace" in the Swiss mountains. Inside, undercover footage shows them shouting racist slogans and "Sieg Heil". Outside the disco, Swiss police shows up but they don't interfere. After airing the film, Amnesty International publicly accused Swiss police of supporting racism. 


Directed for RTS and TV5Monde, French, 10 mins.

"Boys & Girls"

An exploration of young teens and their relationships with the opposite sex in a difficult neighborhood on the outskirts of Geneva.


Directed and written for RTS and TV5Monde, French, 10mins.



"The Calligrapher"

"Ramadan Nights"

Jean Mohr is a well-known photographer who exposes his photos of his encounters in Gaza and Israel. "Neighbors" is a utopian approach of Palestinian and Israeli communities.

Directed for RTS, French, 4mins.

Hassan Massoudy is one of the most famous calligraphers from Iraq living and working in Paris. Through his calligraphy "the lioness" he shares his personal view on the war in Iraq.

Directed  for RTS, French, 3mins.


Egypt is the Bollywood of the Middle East and produces many TV series for the month of Ramadan. The film is a journey through the creation of Ramadan Soaps and what opinions they  can trigger. 

Interviews with Omar Sharif and Alaa Al Aswani, Egyptian Author of “The Yacubian Building”.

Directed and written for RTS and TV5MONDE, French, 10 mins.


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