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"Honey & Ashes"

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Behind the Scenes

As the daughter of a Swiss mother and an Egyptian father,

I carry two cultures within me. During my childhood and

teenage years, my oriental roots remained hidden,

and it was only later that I began to explore them.

That was a revelation. My film "Honey and Ashes"

was the first step on a twisting path that brings

me back inexorably to my roots.

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"Honey and Ashes" tells the stories of three women from contemporary North Africa. Caught between tradition and modernity, they seek success in their lives and in their relationships with men. Although their age and social backgrounds differ, their paths cross, bringing to light the multiple obstacles which society has placed in their way.


Writer and director: Nadia Fares.

Produced by Dschoint Ventschr, Switzerland and CTV, Tunisia, Arabic, French with English subtitles,  35mm, 90 mins.

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